Business philosophy of monochloroacetic acid

・Development of further high-purity products, especially, dichloroacetic acid free.・Provide the latest safety and security information and program.・Advance customer satisfaction by quick customer service.

Ever since Denak has been founded, we have contributed to the development of society through the business philosophy that is "developed to improve the quality of monochloroacetic acid and its sodium salt", "provide the latest safety and security information" and "quick customer service". We inherit the original founding philosophy even now, and as a manufacturer specialized in the monochloroacetic acid, we will keep continuing on the promising future path as the leading company trusted to the customers.


First Aid Hospital
For medical personnel : treatment of people with chemical injuries from MCA or SMCA
First Aid People
For general customers and companies handing the chemicals : handing of MCA and SMCA and first aid treatment

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